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What To Do When You Have No Hot Water

Only when you have no hot water at home, you realise how dependent you are on it for everyday tasks. Washing, cleaning, food preparation, and even enjoying a well-deserved cup of tea are tasks that are difficult to impossible if the hot water isn’t working in your home.

While significant improvements have been made concerning water in homes, having no access to hot water is still a common occurrence. Hopefully, you will not suffer this problem, but knowing what to do when you have no hot water will help you if the circumstances arrive.

What causes hot water to stop working?

Some of the most common reasons you don’t have hot water include:

  • You have a leaking water tank
  • There is a gas leak, or a gas valve isn’t working correctly
  • Your electric water heater isn’t working
  • Your thermostat isn’t working properly
  • Your tank isn’t the right size to meet the demands of your household
  • External weather conditions, such as freezing temperatures, might impact the hot water supply at your home
  • There might be a power issue on your property
  • You might have water pressure issues
  • If you have a timer system, if this is set to the wrong time, it might cause problems
  • Boiler issues are common, and it might be a problem with this appliance

How long will I have no hot water?

The length of time you don’t have hot water will depend on the issue. If it is a simple issue resolved by switching electrical points on or off or resetting a boiler or thermostat, you can manage the problem in next to no time.

However, if there is a more serious issue, or if you cannot find a quick resolution, the problem might continue.
Any period of two days without having access to hot water is considered a hazard to people’s health. This is an issue for all parties involved, but if you are a landlord whose rental property has no hot water, you might be in breach of your tenancy agreement.

What steps can I take to regain hot water?

If your water heater has a pilot light, which is not visible, you might be able to fix the problem by relighting it. This can be carried out in many appliances by pressing a button, but please check your user’s manual for guidance.

If you have no hot water because a fuse has tripped, reset the fuse, and this should resolve the problem. Of course, if your fuse breaks again, there might be an underlying issue that must be examined, and if so, please call out a heating engineer.

Also, check aspects such as thermostats and any available readings, as this might give a quick indicator of the problem.

None of the tips have worked, what do I do next?

If you have followed the recommended tips and still have no hot water, you need to arrange for a heating engineer to attend to your property. A Gas Safe engineer will be the best person to resolve any issues that the standard tips haven’t managed.

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