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What Is Checked During A Boiler Service?

We’re in the middle of summer, you’re probably reading this wondering why on earth you should be thinking about your boiler? It’s warm and sunny outside, the last thing you’re thinking about is your central heating.

But it’s never the wrong time to book a boiler service, and it’s better to do it now, rather than waiting until the winter months when it inevitably breaks and you’re left without heating while waiting for someone to come and fix it.

Getting your boiler serviced is crucial in keeping it running smoothly and efficiently. But what does a boiler service actually entail?

What is a Boiler Service?

A boiler service is a set of technical inspections that should be performed on your boiler at least once a year. Service on your boiler usually takes under an hour, and a qualified, Gas Safe engineer will carry out several checks based on a boiler service checklist. This robust and comprehensive checklist will ensure that the engineer thoroughly inspects every aspect of the boiler, ensuring the boiler is in perfect working order.

What Can I Expect During the Boiler Service?

First things first, make sure the engineer you’re hiring to perform the service is Gas Safe registered – meaning they have to work to a national standard. Once the engineer is at your house they will perform several checks, including:

Visual Inspection

This is a basic overview of the boiler which will allow the engineer to look for any obvious signs of damage, any faults, or any dirt which could be in the boiler. This is a quick part of the service, as engineers are experienced in knowing what they’re looking for.

Operation and Control

Although you might not have noticed them, on your boiler there will be several controls that are there to test the operation of the boiler. The engineer will check that these are all functioning correctly before moving onto the next step.

Flue and Combustion Release

After the control check, the engineer will check the construction and route of the flue. This involves making sure there are no obstructions in the flue, and that it’s safely fitted in all places.


After this, all of the major components will be removed, inspected, and cleaned if necessary. The engineer will check that all parts still function as intended and that there are no noticeable problems.

A heating engineer is checking the heating system


Tick, Tick, Tick

At some point during the service, you’ll likely notice that the engineer is spending a lot of time looking down at their clipboard. This is where they’ll be performing the majority of their checks on components like:

• Pilot burner
• Boiler operation
• Flue effectiveness
• Heating controls
• Thermostat
• Flame sensor
• Electrical connections
• Gas and pressure
• Safety valves and devices
• Seals

They may also check the location of the boiler and make a note of any nearby materials that could present a problem – anything flammable is usually noted.

Keep and Provide a Record

Whatever the engineer finds when they’re checking your boiler, they will make a note of it. You will get a copy of this service for your own records and will be able to use it for future services or if something goes wrong.

Get the Boiler Ready

After the service, the engineer will put everything back together properly and cleanly and get it back to how it was before (though hopefully running a little smoother).

Getting your boiler serviced by a highly trained, professional, and Gas Safe registered heating engineer at least once a year is essential in making sure your boiler stays happy and healthy. You don’t want to be without a boiler in the middle of winter!

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