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If you have been looking into boiler servicing or boiler repairs recently, you have probably heard of the term ‘smart thermostat’ and maybe wondering what it is all about. Our guide will look at the different types of smart thermostat that are available and the benefits they may bring you.

Smart thermostats – what are they?

A smart thermostat is a device that is capable of controlling your home’s heating remotely. It will allow you to control the heating in your home via an app on your phone, tablet or PC. You can use it to switch your heating on or off remotely from wherever you are. A smart thermostat Also gives you a great amount of data telling you about your energy consumption and helping you to save energy and money.

How does a smart thermostat work?

A smart thermostat shows you your energy consumption in real time and can adjust its settings automatically based on what you want to achieve, for example it can respond to humidity or temperature. Many of the newest types of smart thermostat utilise machine learning and can learn your intentions from previous actions without any input from you.

How much is a smart thermostat?

Smart thermostats vary in price from around £200 to £300 depending on the features that they offer. They represent a sizable investment and it is important to remember that you should only get one if you are going to use it. If you never switch it on it will be a waste of money, and it would not be useful for a property that is empty most of the time.

Which smart thermostat should I choose?

Smart thermostats really fall into 2 categories –

  1. The most advanced ones have machine learning such as Google’s smart thermostat – the Nest  thermostat. The smart thermostat can learn from your previous behaviour and adjust their settings accordingly. Once they have learnt your patterns you should never have to change the settings manually again.
  2. The Hive smart thermostat from British Gas and Scottish Power’s Connect work differently. These thermostats give the user all the control they need remotely and provide them with a lot of data so that they can be efficient with their energy consumption. They adopt the philosophy that consumers don’t want to share every bit of their personal data with large technology companies.

How much money will a smart thermostat save me?

Different companies make different claims about how much money a smart thermostat will save you. However, for most people using a smart thermostat will save them on average around 27% of their heating costs. If your heating bill is around £200 per month you can expect to save between £180 and £337 a year.

Smart Thermostat Installation

Here at Harman Heating, we can help you to choose the right smart thermostat for your home. We can also supply and fitted for you if required or just installation of your smart thermostat, whatever suit your need. Contact us today for your enquiry on 07771 956641, we are always happy to help.

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