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Need a Gas Safety Record? Or Home Gas Appliances Check?

Gas Safety Records are also known as Gas Safety Certificates. It is recommended that everyone should have their gas appliances checked by a Gas Safe Registered engineer regularly. At Harman Heating, we provide Gas Safety Certificates (CP12) to Landlords, Homeowners, and Estate Agents within the Northampton and surrounding areas such as Wellingborough, Rushden and the nearby villages.

Who is responsible for Gas Safety Checks?

It is a legal requirement that all landlords and owners of commercial property have their gas appliances inspected annually to ensure they are safe and working properly. A gas safety certificate is a document that confirms that appliances have been tested for safety as part of a gas safety check.

If you are a landlord – you must have a Gas Safety Check annually. It is a legal requirement for landlords to have a Gas Safety check on all gas appliances that are owned by you in your rental properties. The safety check can only be carried out by a Gas Safety Registered engineer and a Gas Safety Record is provided afterwards to ensure all gas appliances are in safe condition.

However, a Gas Safety Record is only required to be renewed every year, but a Gas Safety Inspection is required every time before a new tenant moves into your rental property.

As a landlord, you have the law duty to ensure that gas installation and gas appliances supplied to your tenants are safe to use. Letting a property without the Gas Safety Records is illegal and it can be charged as a criminal offence and result in a penalty. The penalty can cost up to £6000 in fine and possible imprisonment. If anyone is injured or killed as a result of not having a Gas Safety Record, the consequences are extremely serious.

If you are a homeowner – by law, a homeowner is not required to have a Gas Safety Record. It is strongly advised to have your gas appliances check by a Gas Safety Registered engineer regularly to ensure there are safe to use. 

How much is a Gas Safety Record?

There is no fixed price for a Gas Safety Record, the cost will mainly depend on the Gas Safe Engineer you choose. The certificate costs are not regulated by the Gas Safe Register and sometimes it could go up to as much as £150.

At Harman Heating, we charge a fixed price for your Gas Safety Records.. If you are interested in getting your Gas Safety Certificate, please get in touch with us today on 07771 956641 to book an appointment.

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Need a Landlord Gas Safety Record?

Whether you are looking for a landlord gas safety certificates or a home gas safety check, we can help! We’re Gas Safe Registered Engineers. Book your appointment today!