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The Difference Between A Boiler Service AND A Gas Safety Check

As a homeowner, you have probably come across the terms boiler service and gas safety check. It’s something that comes up time and time again. So, what’s actually the difference between the two?

Gas Safety Check

This is the minimum requirement for every gas appliance in your house. It should be conducted every 12 months to ensure proper gas appliance maintenance. During a gas safety check, a registered engineer will check the general safety of any appliance.

They will make sure that it’s burning properly, and that there are no obvious signs of damage. The engineer will check the boiler pressure and air supply – which is essential for making your gas appliances safe to use. They will also check any flues or chimneys to make sure they’re not blocked, and that the air can escape.

The engineer will also check the safety valves, which cut off the gas to the boiler if there are any problems. This helps to keep you and anyone else in your house safe.


A heating engineer is checking the heating system

Boiler Service

A boiler service is crucial to the smooth running of your boiler and all that comes with it. That means central heating and hot water. Similar to the gas safety check, a boiler service is a little more in-depth. Again, a gas safe registered heating engineer will come to visit and check over each individual part of your boiler.

It’s a good idea to get your boiler serviced every year, as this means you’re running your home as efficiently and safely as possible. What the engineer will do is take off the front part of the boiler and check to make sure there aren’t any leaks in the pipes. The burner and heat exchanger in a boiler can collect a lot of dirt created by the burning gas. These parts will be looked over and cleaned if needed.

Finally, once all the seals have been checked and cleaned, the expansion vessel will get tested to ensure the correct pressure in the system. And then the boiler will be ignited so the engineer can listen to any strange noises.

Gas Safety Check Or Boiler Service, which one should you get?

With a boiler or any gas appliance, regular maintenance is essential. Think of it in terms of running a car. Every year you need to get an MOT to make sure your car is safe to drive on the road. But you also should get a service to clean out the old oil and flush the system.

Owning a boiler or gas appliance is a bit like driving a car in that respect. You should aim to get your boiler serviced once every 12 months and the same with any other gas appliance you own. Having an annual service is usually required to maintain your warranty – which means you’ll be covered if anything goes wrong. However, if you let this slide the boiler company may not respect this.

Who should perform these checks?

Only a Gas Safe registered engineer should perform these checks. Don’t be afraid to ask to see their ID before they start. Only these engineers have the proper qualifications and accreditations to conduct these checks.

If someone who isn’t registered does this, you could risk invalidating your warranty. You could also put yourself and your family at risk by potentially not having a boiler or gas appliance which has been checked thoroughly.

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