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Gas Boiler Service and Maintenance

Annual Gas Boiler Service In Northampton For Only £45.00

Having your boiler service once a year is important to your boiler overall health as any underlying faults can be picked up and addressed. A regular boiler service and maintenance will ensure your gas boiler is in a great working condition; and to avoid any unnecessary boiler breakdown due to unknown boiler malfunctioning. 

We offer fast and efficient boiler service on all major boiler brands such as Valliant, Worcester Bosch, Baxi, Ideal, Glow Worm and many other major boiler brands. We will carry out a range of checks on your annual boiler service to see if your boiler is running safe and efficiently. Some common warning signs such as a yellow flame instead of blue flame, low pressure setting of under 1 bar, boiler very often overheat, pilot light keeps going off and smoke marks appearing around the appliance, all these warning signs indicate that your boiler is needing a service.

When you book your annual boiler service with us, our Gas Safe Registered engineer will come and visit your home at a time that is arranged during the booking to ensure that this is convenient for you. Our boiler service costs from as little as £45 and this is a bargain price as we cover a various checks to ensure your boiler is operating properly and at its best.

If you have any questions on booking your annual boiler service, please get in touch and our friendly team are always happy to help. Don’t delay, book your boiler service appointment today by calling 07771 956641.

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Boiler Service Checklist

Our annual boiler service and maintenance checklist includes:

  • Check the location of boiler
  • Check for visual damage
  • Check for correct operation
  • Check the soundness, routing and terminal location of flue
  • Check the size of open vented flue
  • Cold check the flue effectiveness
  • Condensate drainage system for condensing boilers
  • Check the appliance location and proximity of combustible materials
  • Check, remove and clean main burner if necessary
  • Check and pilot burner and probes/ cables
  • Clean heat exchanger
  • Check operation of flame sensing device
  • Check operation of boiler and high limit thermostat
  • Check operation of low water pressure control
  • Correct ventilation provision
  • Make sure flue guard is fitted (if required)
  • Check for flue spillage (when appropriate)
  • Check the Double Pole Isolation Switch fitted
  • Inspect the electrical wiring for damage and ensure correct connection to the appliance
  • Run the boiler to check flue effectiveness and functionality
  • Run the boiler and check for gas leaks
  • Test and record appliance burner and main burner pressure
  • Check timer and heating control
  • Timer and controls are left in position suitable for homeowner

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