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Boiler Replacement | When Should You Replace Your Boiler?

Is your boiler has issues? No hot water from the boiler? Or perhaps you’re looking to replace your old boiler? If so, you have come to the right place. In this article, we talk about signs that tell you it’s time for a new boiler replacement.

Nothing lasts forever, and this includes boilers. They are intricately designed appliances, with lots of moving parts that make it work. Like anything, these parts can age and start to show signs of wear and tear.

This means that your boiler won’t run efficiently, and you could pay more for heating and hot water – without really getting anything.

If you’ve noticed your boiler isn’t working as it used to, or maybe you’ve been in your house for a while, then you are probably due a replacement. Don’t wait until it breaks, and you’re left in a freezing house!

When Your Boiler Breakdown Frequently

Frequent breakdowns are a sure sign that your boiler is on its way out. Obviously, things will go wrong from time to time, and one minor breakdown doesn’t necessarily mean you should go and get a new one straight away.

But if you’ve noticed that you’re paying someone to come out and fix it every few months then this is probably a sign that it needs replacing.

Your Boiler Not Working As Well As It Used To

You might have noticed that you are struggling to maintain a nice heat in your home. You also might notice that the water takes a long time to get warm, or your showers aren’t quite hot enough.

It could be that your old boiler is no longer up to the task, or it can no longer keep up with the demands of your house.

Your Old Boiler Is Costing You High energy bills

Old boilers aren’t nearly as efficient as newer models, simply because the parts are older and therefore not as up-to-date as they could be. If your boiler is ten years old, that means there has been a whole decade of new technological advances that you’re not using.

Modern A-grade boilers have been estimated to run at about 90% efficiency or more. Whereas older models have been known to run at 70% or lower.

Old Technology

The other disadvantage of having an older model of boiler is that if something goes wrong, the parts can be more difficult to replace. This means that you will end up paying more to fix something, simply because the cost of finding the part is higher.

The other consideration for an older boiler is that many new or younger engineers won’t have worked with these types before. That means it will be harder for you to find an engineer when something goes wrong.

How Often Should A Boiler Get Replaced?

There is no cut and dry answer when it comes to how often boilers need replacing. These appliances are designed to last up to 15 years, and possibly even 20 years – if they are well maintained.

How long your boiler will last will depend on a number of things including how often it’s used and for how long, and how regularly it has been serviced.

How Much Does A New Boiler Cost?

Again, there are no set rules for this, and the cost will depend on many factors including size, make, model. A new combi-boiler for a small home can cost anywhere between £600-£1500, but a large new boiler for a detached home can cost up to £3500.

The other thing to take into consideration is the complexity of installation – whether it’s replacing a similar boiler in the same place or putting a completely new one in an entirely different part of the house.

Remember that you should always have your boiler checked, serviced, or replaced by a certified engineer such as a Gas Safe Registered Heating Engineer.

Using someone who isn’t registered could cost you more money if anything goes wrong, and make your home less safe.

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